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Here are some info the new born :


Like plenty of other tools PyFD was created for "filling a gap". I'm working as a 2nd level Support Specialist for a huge company. One of those dinosaurs who has invented Smalltalk, the GUI, the mouse and other stuffs. One day the french National Engineer rang from Brussels and told me "Yann, I'm in the X's factory, they have 80 printers down, they're printing the monthly accountancy report". A few minutes later I discovered that they were using 106 different "home made" fonts on their printers hardrives. The main task of a support specialist is to simulate customer's issues. I had, then, to send these 106 different fonts on 8 differents printers in order to simulate the crash. And I had to do it quickly. I was -and I'm still- an absolute beginner in Python but I wrote a short and dirty script. Luckily it did the job...


Even if PyFd is only at its alpha stage the core application is able to :


PyFD is using wxPython and wxWindows. After a quick double checking both seem to comply to GPL. Please go here for more details.


You may found below how the beast looks like:



The following links have been proven vital and still are :

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